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Info123 web directory - the best and easiest way to find a local home improvement contractor, supplier, or service.

Info123 on-line magazine - provides home improvement information for your interest, guidance and assistance.

1] For businesses wishing to join Info123, please click “To Advertise” on the left hand menu and complete the template as necessary.

2] The Web Directory and On-Line Magazine services are free to the general public, but rely totally upon advertisers in order to function. Please therefore inform your chosen advertiser that you were made aware of their services through Info 123.

Your local web directory and on-line magazine, for home improvement issues. | e-mail: | Tel: 0845 270 4204
Petworth, PO BOX 60, GU28 0WY

Covering Chichester, Bognor and the surrounding local areas, Info123 is a web directory listing home improvement contractors, suppliers and services. If you have need of such diverse people as: bricklayers, decorators, plumbers and electricians; or possibly tile warehouses, furniture shops and bespoke mirror suppliers; or maybe architects and project managers; then search the Info123 extensive range for their details and assistance.

To do so, simply click “Select” on top of the left - hand menu and scroll down to find the alphabetically listed classification you require.

And Info123 welcomes you ‘rating’ the contractors, suppliers and services you have used from our directory, relying upon such information to maintain up to date records of service. In order to do this, please click “Project Feedback” on the left - hand menu and fill in the relevant details.
All information provided will be treated with total confidentiality.

Should you wish to contact us for other reasons, please click “Contact Us” on the left hand menu, completing the template as necessary. Please feel free to suggest new classifications of advertiser.

All advertising contractors, suppliers and services have agreed to, and are bound by, our Code of Conduct, which can be viewed by clicking “About Info123” on the main menu.

For specific assistance in establishing a better relationship with the contractor, supplier, or service you’ve selected from the Info123 directory, please also click “About Info123” on the main menu. Such information is designed to make you feel more confident with your home improvement project.  

Info123 is also an on-line magazine, providing home improvement information for your interest, guidance and assistance.

To gain access, simply click “News & Noticeboard” on the left - hand menu and select the information you require from within the following four headers:

‘Home Magazine’

  • Features interesting home improvement issues such as: how to decorate to a particular style; how to submit planning applications; and how to improve the value of your home.

‘Property Spot’

  • Focuses on local residential properties, be they for sale, or simply of particular interest.

‘Diary Events’

  • Details local and relevant, forthcoming events, eg: the release of phase 2 of the housing development at Southbourne.

‘Info Links’

  • Provides essential contact information for utilities & service providers, trade associations and professional bodies.